Woman Tells of How God Worked a Miracle and Gave Her Husband a New Heart

(© istockphoto/amriphoto)
(© istockphoto/amriphoto)

On Feb. 2, 2006, my husband woke up with flu-like symptoms. Jon was weeks away from turning 33 years old, and because he was typically strong and in great health, we thought nothing of it. As things got worse that day, however, he went to our primary care physician. Not only was Jon getting weaker, he was also experiencing abdominal pain that was steadily increasing in intensity.

The doctor suspected appendicitis and sent him to the lab for further tests. According to the tests, Jon’s white blood cell count was extremely high, and the doctor confirmed there was some kind of significant infection in his body. I was summoned to leave work and drive Jon to the emergency room at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hot Springs, Ark., where his appendix could be removed if necessary.

By the time we reached the hospital at 7:30 p.m., Jon was vomiting blood, and his abdominal pain was unbearable. Immediately the emergency room staff began a series of tests to determine the cause of the problem. As the medical team reviewed test results and discussed possible scenarios, Jon grew steadily worse. His pain increased, and the vomiting became more severe.

The doctor on call that evening surmised from the lab results that Jon had experienced a heart attack. Yet when a cardiologist was called in to examine Jon, an echocardiogram proved Jon did not have a heart attack but was experiencing myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle usually caused by a virus attacking the heart. I was told the volume of blood being pumped through Jon’s heart was between 10 and 15 percent. In a normal heart, the rate would be 70 percent—with less than 20 percent considered terminal and a reason to admit the patient to hospice care.

“You must know,” the cardiologist told me, “that your husband’s heart might stop beating at any time. He might not make it through the night.”

Even though the cardiologist had already diagnosed Jon’s condition as myocarditis, to cover all the bases he ordered a heart catheterization. Sometime before midnight, Jon went into surgery to have a catheter inserted into the wall of his heart.

The man who returned from the surgical unit looked like a corpse embalmed and lying in a casket. Jon’s color was gone; his eyes were closed; he had no movement. My heart was gripped with fear because it was obvious Jon was dying. From the time we had answered the alarm clock at six that morning until midnight, my husband had deteriorated from a strong, energetic, happy father and husband to a near lifeless corpse. It was too much for me to handle.

Thankfully, Jon’s dad arrived at the hospital, and we joined hands by Jon’s bed in the intensive care unit and bombarded heaven with our prayers. Nurses worked feverishly around us to make Jon comfortable, but we didn’t move. We stayed by his side. We prayed audacious prayers in the Spirit, and we prayed with our understanding. We were desperate to connect with God for a miracle of biblical proportions.

I am a very normal person; I admit to wondering if I would soon be making funeral arrangements. But I also knew this problem was not too great for God. While I was trying to stand in faith, I was also battling fear and unbelief. After all, the doctor had said Jon would likely not live through the night, and wasn’t the doctor an expert in these things?

By morning Jon was still with us, but his heart was so damaged he was given very little hope. The ongoing side effects—including his kidneys being in crisis—continued to make matters worse. Every shred of bad news pushed me to a new low; I found myself clinging to faith for this situation.

The next few days were very dark ones. At night, Jon would get extremely confused, ripping out IVs and tubes. He gained so much fluid he could barely turn himself in bed, much less stand up.

But despite his mental confusion, Jon still talked about the Lord. It was as if he was confused about everything but God. I could tell his heart and mind had zeroed in on the only One who could help him, and his confidence was high. His faith through the whole thing was absolutely amazing.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Crystal Funderburg

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