WATCH: Jill Abramson Addresses Students at Wake Forest; Says New York Times Firing ‘Hurt’

Jill Abramson delivered an honest speech to Wake Forest’s 2014 graduating class Monday.

In her first public appearance since she was, as she put it, “fired” by the New York Times last Wednesday, Abramson preached resilience to those now also uncertain of what they would be doing next.

But before she began her remarks, she alluded to the media attention surrounding her speech, joking that it must all be for the graduates.

“I think the only real news here today is your graduation from this great university,” Abramson said. “First of all, congratulations! I’m impressed that your achievements have attracted so much media attention — as well they should!”

Later she said her only reluctance about appearing at the ceremony was concern that the “small media circus following” her would detract attention from the class of 2014.

“What total knockouts you are!” she said, perhaps alluding to the widely circulated Instagram photo of her working out with a punching bag last week.

Shortly into her speech, Abramson noted that she’d been fired by the Times the week before and used her personal experience to segue into her message for the graduates.


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SOURCE: Hilary Lewis 
The Hollywood Reporter

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