Florida Pastor Jay Dennis Says Churches Must Do More to Combat Pornography

Pastor Jay Dennis
Pastor Jay Dennis

A Floridian pastor who gave remarks at an anti-pornography conference believes that the American Church must do more to combat pornography and its harmful effects upon the faithful.

Jay Dennis, senior pastor at First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland and creator of the “One Million Men Porn Free” program, told The Christian Post on Saturday that he believes many churches are “afraid” to deal with the issue of pornography.

“I think a lot of pastors and churches are afraid that they are going to rock the boat and they’re going to be criticized,” said Dennis.

“Unfortunately this may be driven by some by ‘if I make that group mad or if I make that person mad what’s it going to do to the finances?’ What God put on my heart is you share the truth and He will bring the right people in. We’ve seen that happen.”

Dennis also told CP that various factors contributed to churches hesitating to tackle the problem of pornography, including his belief that “a lot of pastors are struggling with this issue, so they’re reluctant.”

“I think that a lot of churches just don’t realize the problem it is. And that’s where I feel like pastors have to be awakened,” said Dennis.

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Michael Gryboski

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