Facebook Reportedly Developing Snapchat-like App Called “Slingshot”


Snapchat might just have pressed on the patience of Mark Zuckererg as it has been reported that Mark is looking after the development of an “ephemeral messaging” app called Slingshot, which could be launched to counter Snapchat, may be in retaliation for the rejection of $3.2 billion offer. Snapchat is one of the popular picture and video sharing and social messaging app, which deletes the messages in 10 seconds after watching.

The success of Snapchat has been astonishing and it has also created some ripples among the well-known social networks and Facebook is one of them. Initially in the efforts to curb the growing name of Snapchat Facebook thought of acquiring the application itself. With the failed efforts, Facebook is probably busy is designing a similar application themselves. According o the rumors, Mark is probably planning to name it ‘Slingshot’.

The news came from Financial Times after the acquisition of  a Snapchat-like social messenger Blink by Yahoo for unknown amount. If the Facebook Slingshot proved to be a true fact, then it’ll be interesting to see the colliding of three apps – Snapchat, Blink and Slingshot.

The extent of the reach of Snapchat can be realized by the stats showing that Snapchat hasapproximately 400 million users and more that 80% of the users are regular. The report about Slingshot by Facebook has arrived exactly 6 months after Snapchat rejected the offer of $3 Billion from Mark Zuckerberg.

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SOURCE: Wayne Murphy  
The Next Digit

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