Why Do We Keep Saying ‘I’m Fine’ When It’s Clear that’s Not the Case?

James Devaney/GC Images
James Devaney/GC Images

Beyoncé is a talented multitasker. How do I know this? Who else can sell over 1 million records without an ounce of promotion while at the same time being a mother and wife? Yeah, me either.

Through recent post-Met Gala events recently captured on an elevator security camera and released to the word, we caught a glimpse of the less-than-fabulous part of her life, or maybe just the real part. In the video seen around the world, we witness her younger sister, Solange, attacking and yelling at her husband, Jay Z. A security guard is forced to restrain a clearly enraged Solange, while Beyoncé barely attempts to stop the madness. This altercation ended with Beyoncé leaving the event with her sister, Jay Z taking a separate car, and a barrage of unanswered questions.

But to some, the strangest part of the whole scene wasn’t the brother-in-law/sister-in-law feud but the fact that Beyoncé just stood there. It was the fact that a couple of minutes after the physical fight in the elevator, she walked out like nothing had happened.

In the days following the event, Beyoncé was spotted courtside at a Brooklyn Nets game with her husband, apparently happily in love. I am a huge fan of Beyoncé, but I found it very odd. In the midst of this controversy, she just sat there and pretended that everything was OK? Now let’s be clear: B never said “I’m fine,” but in my opinion, her smile did.

So what is really going on here? Was this just a random family feud that ended with hugs and kisses, or was that video a peek into a larger issue that is cleverly being covered up for the sake of family and image? I think the latter.

In a world where celebrities (and non-celebrities) will sell their souls for a few dollars and Instagram “likes,” Beyoncé has always set herself apart by keeping her private life private. With her fame, her music telling girls to “run the world,” and her participation in campaign initiatives such as “Ban Bossy,” she has aimed to empower women and mothers. With that being said, at what point does keeping her life private and saving face in the midst of turmoil tarnish her message to women?

I believe it does, since it tells women everywhere that no matter how chaotic your life may be, you must act like you got this down — as usual.

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Source: Black Voices

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