Facing Difficulties In Marriage? Remember to Look at the Big Picture

Marriage Is Difficult

Have you ever tried to put together a big jigsaw puzzle without the box? Attempting to fit together 1,000 tiny pieces into a picture is difficult enough, but imagine doing so without knowing what the final product is supposed to look like. How in the world do you begin to create a picture out of such chaos?

This is how most of us go about the daunting task of building a marriage. We attempt to wade through the challenges of communication, sexual difficulties, conflict, and money issues without a clear vision of what we are trying to construct. What is the picture on the box? After all, what is a Christian marriage even supposed to look like?

A Christian marriage isn’t about creating a love that is brand new; instead, it asks us to discover and replicate God’s love, which has existed since the Garden of Eden. The commitment of a husband and wife isn’t just about to trying to build a happy family. It is supposed to point to something beyond the walls of your home.

When the world looks at how Christians act in marriage, they should see a testimony of God’s unfailing commitment and sacrificial love. Understanding God’s design for marriage can help you put into context the suffering that marriage sometimes brings, the ecstasy of being intimately known, and the challenge to love in all circumstances.

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SOURCE: Today’s Christian Woman
Juli Slattery

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