What You Can Do to Help Stop Sudan from Putting a Pregnant Christian Mother to Death

A Christian woman prays in South Sudan. (Reuters/Adriane Ohanesian )
A Christian woman prays in South Sudan. (Reuters/Adriane Ohanesian )

Meriam Ibrahim lived a relatively peaceful life amid the perpetual tumult that has plagued Sudan over the course of its modern history. In the mere decades following its independence from colonial rule in 1957, Sudan has suffered two tragic civil wars; the first lasted 18 years and saw to the death of more than half a million people, 400,000 of whom were civilians.

Sadly, the history of that first conflict has largely determined Sudan’s seemingly unbreakable pattern of dramatic rises to power followed by crushing betrayals followed by violent reprisals—a pattern that has not only lead to the current-day reign of Sudan’s ruling regime but that is exemplified in the country’s criminal dictator, Omar al-Bashir.

Having usurped power from then-Prime Minister Sadiq al-Madhi, al-Bashir has increasingly tightened his relentless grip of power over the nation’s affairs, committing gross human rights violations, including crimes against humanity (especially in the Darfur conflict, which has claimed as many as 461,000 innocent lives and displaced 2.5 million more, according to the United Human Rights Council), sponsoring extreme Islamist ideologies and implementing discriminatory and sectarian Islamization and Arabization policies.

Having harbored terrorists and terrorist organizations, including Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida, Khartoum, under al-Bashir, has changed from the “Paris of 1960s Africa” to an Islamist stronghold bent on enforcing Shariah law and eliminating the city’s, and eventually the nation’s, Christian populations. Adopting a public order criminal code in 1991, under the counsel of Hassan al-Turabi, a famed Sunni radical who has been referred to as Islam’s “Pope of terrorism,” the al-Bashir regime has committed itself to public floggings, amputations and even executions by crucifixion.

In order to enforce its public order criminal code, Sudan has established a special police force and court system and police force to arrest, detain, try and eventually punish violators. It was this special police force that arrested and arbitrarily detained Ibrahim, an innocent Christian mother pregnant with her second child, on Feb. 17, 2014.

At age 6, Ibrahim’s Muslim father left her family permanently, freeing her mother to raise Ibrahim as an Orthodox Christian. A Khartoum University graduate and licensed medical doctor, Ibrahim later married Daniel Wani, a South Sudanese Christian and United States citizen.

About a year and a half later, Ibrahim gave birth to their first son, Martin, now 20 months old, who was arrested and arbitrarily detained with his mother. They now languish together in federal prison for Ibrahim’s faith in Christ and faithful marriage to her legal husband.

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SOURCE: International Christian Concern

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