eBay Launches Version of Website for Latin America


EBay is rolling out websites tailored for shoppers in Latin American countries, seeking to accelerate sales at its online marketplace in the fast-growing region.

The company is starting sites in Spanish and Portuguese that will incorporate local currencies and e-commerce services for individual countries, said Wendy Jones, eBay’s vice president of global expansion and cross-border trade. The services are aimed at boosting sales in 19 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.

EBay is broadening its efforts in Latin America as part of a multiyear expansion in developing markets, which has included a similar push into Russia in recent years. Revenue from the company’s traditional business, including fixed-price item sales and auctions, has begun slowing, expanding by 10 percent in the first quarter compared with a 12 percent gain last year.

“Growth in e-commerce is moving South and East — and has been for a couple of years,” Devin Wenig, president of the global marketplaces business, said in an interview. “We have huge markets in the U.S. and Western Europe, but they are big and they are more mature, and markets like Brazil and Russia that are at earlier stages of development, but are growing rapidly.”

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