Barbara Walters Gets a Lovely Send-Off on ‘The View’

Oprah Winfrey appears on “The View” with Barbara Walters on May 16, 2014. ABC News
Oprah Winfrey appears on “The View” with Barbara Walters on May 16, 2014. ABC News

Barbara Walters had a celeb-packed sendoff this morning for her last day on “The View,” including surprise appearances from Hillary Clinton, Michael Douglas and Oprah Winfrey.

As soon as Clinton sat down, a shocked Walters told the former First Lady, “You know what? You look terrific here. Why don’t you take my place on the show? People won’t be asking you what you’re doing next all the time.”

Clinton politely declined, while side-stepping any questions about her potential run for presidency. Instead Clinton just advised her friend to “take some time off… a week at least.”

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Cheri Oteri reprised her famous impression of Walters for a skit in which Oteri’s Walters interviewed the real deal.

“Barbara, I’ve loved doing you,” Oteri told the host, before joking, “Uh oh. Looks like someone owes me dinner.”

Next, Walters welcomed Michael Douglas, a frequent guest and a friend who shares the same Sept. 25 birthday.

Barbara’s biggest look of shock came when Sherri Shepherd introduced Winfrey.

“Of course I’m here,” Winfrey said. “I had to be here for your last show to celebrate you because of what you have meant to me. You have literally meant the world to me. And the truth is there are so many things I want to say but there isn’t enough time to say them all. Like everyone else, I want to thank you for being a pioneer and everything that means.”

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