Atlanta Pastor Leonce Crump Preaches New Sermon Series About Money Inspired by Wu Tang Clan Hit “C.R.E.A.M.”

Leonce Crump II
Leonce Crump II

Hip-hop group Wu Tang Clan said in their 1993 iconic hit, “C.R.E.A.M.,” that cash rules everything around us, and an Atlanta pastor preaching on the purpose of money and the problems with materialism believes they got it right.

“The reality is, cash does rule everything around us,” Leonce Crump, pastor of Renovation Church in Georgia, told The Christian Post in a recent interview about his new sermon series titled, “C.R.E.A.M.”

The problem is, he said, is that people tend to become slaves to the dollar instead of stewarding their God-given resources.

“I think the number one kingdom ethic is that the money is not ours in the first place,” explained Crump. “We’re not owners, we’re stewards. And if we’re stewards, then we’ll learn to handle God’s money in a way that ultimately glorifies Him, and we may get some residual benefits from that, but it’s not the focus.”

Crump, who believes more Christians should learn to leverage culture in ways “to move people’s hearts toward Christ,” is the founding pastor of the 800-member multiethnic Renovation Church and partners with the Acts 29 church planting network.

Below is a transcript of CP’s interview with Crump in which he explains the purpose of the “C.R.E.A.M.” sermon series, what he believes is the only solution to materialism, and what he thinks could happen if every evangelical Christian in America lived with a kingdom perspective on money and finances.

CP: Tell me about the “C.R.E.A.M.” series and what inspired it.

Crump: Obviously, any pop culture aficionado knows that that’s a nod to Wu Tang Clan. A couple different things inspired it. The first thing is that there is a serious, serious misunderstanding of the value of money, of the uses of money, particularity in urban communities or rural communities, which I found great similarities between. Among the economically-challenged and even among those of means, how we think about money is skewed, it’s wrong and it will lead to ruin. We see it in our country, we see it in our increasing debt margin, we see it in the poor choices that we make and the things that we value. So we want to be a church that is not only addressing the individual soul, but the social issues that plague our time, and really be cultural informants as well as cultural architects.

When we’re looking at the issues that are plaguing Atlanta, this is one of those big issues that people just do not know how to manage money. The unemployment rate speaks to that. The number of houses that went into foreclosure speaks to that. The poor loan choices that have been made particularly by the economically-challenged and the under-resourced speaks to that. If we’re going to be an effective church, we have to speak to that as well. That’s why we chose to do the series.

The nod to Wu Tang was one of those wonderful opportunities where we could take a well-known cultural reference, not only musically but if you’re a Dave Chappelle fan then you will remember the little skit (on “Chappelle Show”) where he had “Wu Tang Financial” … So what a wonderful opportunity to take this song, knowing what it means and flip it on its head and say, “No, the reality is cash does rule everything around us.” That we make major life decisions and they are driven by either our lack of money, our desire for money, our want for more money, our opportunity to get money or the things that money can buy. If we are Christians, if we are Christians, then cash should not rule us. Christ should rule us. If Christ rules us, then we have to re-evaluate how we’re thinking about money.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Nicola Menzie

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