Google CEO Eric Schmidt says European Court Ruling that People Can Have Personal Information Removed from Search Results ‘Struck the Wrong Balance’

Google's Schmidt warning on jobs

The European court that ruled individuals have the right to be removed from search results “struck the wrong balance”, according to Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt.

“Google believes, having looked at the decision — which is binding — that the balance that was struck was wrong,” Schmidt said, when asked about the ruling at a meeting with stockholders.

Google’s senior vice president of corporate development and chief legal officer David Drummond added, “We think it went too far, and didn’t consider adequately the impact on free expression, which is absolutely a human right.”

The sentiments echo Google’s initial statement on the recent ruling, which saw the European Court of Justice decide that people can ask Google or other online entities to erase or edit online search results, if those results infringe the privacy of the person in question.

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