GM Recalls 3 Million Cars and Trucks to Fix 5 Safety Issues

General Motors is recalling 3 million cars and trucks worldwide to fix five different safety problems that have triggered hundreds of complaints and some injuries, but no deaths.

Most of the vehicles — 2.7 million — are in the U.S. They include a handful of GM’s redesigned pickups and SUVs, which have a potential steering problem.

It’s serious enough that GM sent those owners overnight-delivery letters Wednesday, telling them to stop driving the trucks and have them hauled — not driven — to dealers.

Also included in the big recall: 140,067 new Chevrolet Malibus for brake issues, reported here Wednesday.

STORY: New Malibu’s brakes can malfunction

GM says it will take a $200 million charge in this quarter for the cost of the recalls.

The recalls:

• 2,440,591 U.S.-market, previous-generation passenger cars for a taillamp malfunction that also can disable the cruise control, traction control, electronic stability control and panic braking assist feature. Another 194,314 are in Canada and 68,819 were exported.

• 477 full-size, 2014-model, U.S.-market pickup trucks and 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe SUVs for a tie-rod defect that can lead to a crash. Another 33 are in Canada and 10 have been exported.

• 111,889 previous-generation Chevrolet Corvettes in the U.S., for loss of low-beam head lamps. Another 3,054 are in Canada and 5,677 more were exported. In addition, 103,158 newer Corvettes that might have the same problem get the fix in what GM calls a customer satisfaction program.

• 19,225 Cadillac CTS 2013-2014 models for windshield wiper failures. Another 732 are in Canada, 94 in Mexico and 1,512 were exported.

• 140,067 Chevrolet Malibus from the 2014 model year for hydraulic brake booster malfunctions. Canada has another 732 and Mexico has 1,163.

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SOURCE: James R. Healey 
USA Today

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