Virginia’s Alfred Street Baptist Church Hosts Prayer Vigils During Mother’s Day Services In Support of Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

Pray For Our Girls

– Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia hosted prayer vigils on Sunday, May 11th at both of their worship services in support of the 200 + school girls who were kidnapped from Nigeria. –

Nearly 3,000 members of the historic Alfred Street Baptist Church (ASBC), the oldest and largest African American church in Alexandria, Virginia; celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 11th, 2014 with prayer vigils at both the 8am and 11am worship services-to raise awareness for all of the kidnapped and missing girls in Nigeria. Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley, senior pastor, led the ASBC congregation in a powerful, poignant and moving prayer for the 200+ school girls who were kidnapped from Nigeria as well as all kidnapped and missing girls and women worldwide. Nigeria remains one of eight countries with the highest rates of human trafficking in the world.

In a show of solidarity and support for the mothers of the abducted school girls in the Chibok Borno State region of Nigeria, ASBC raised awareness of human trafficking by asking everyone to hold up their ASBC “Pray For Our Girls” signs; which were disseminated to members as they entered the sanctuary. Members, visitors and volunteers of Alfred Street Baptist Church joined together in the global effort to #BRING BACK OUR GIRLS on Sunday with their call for prayer.

“You’re not alone (to the Mothers of those abducted school girls in Nigeria). These young innocent girls belong to all of us. They are all of our daughters,” commented Wesley. “Many of us go into a panic if we look away for one moment, and can’t find our child in Walmart; imagine the pain and anguish you would feel if your child was taken from your home in the middle of the night. We believe in the power of prayer and therefore we are calling on ALL believers to join us prayer to #BRING BACK OUR GIRLS,” he continued.

Alfred Street Baptist Church says they are committed to empowering African American girls and women through education, spiritual guidance and more importantly prayer – the “Pray For Our Girls” prayer vigils were held throughout the ASBC sanctuary and overflow rooms on Sunday, May 11th-Mother’s Day. “We are supporting the #BRING BACK OUR GIRLS global movement and whole heartily denounce violence of any kind against girls and women of all ages and ethnicities,” Wesley stated.

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SOURCE: Black News

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