Send Encouragement Notes to the Families of Kidnapped Girls In Nigeria

(Photo by Open Doors)
(Photo by Open Doors)

You can send encouragement notes to the families of the 300 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram.

On Monday April 14, members of Boko Haram drove into Chibok, a town in northern Nigeria, in seven pick-up trucks. Some of the members of Boko Haram set government buildings on fire while others went to the senior secondary school.

After overpowering the security guards, the attackers began to load nearly 300 girls–ages 16 through 20–into the trucks. They then drove the girls deep into the Sambisa forest. A few of the girls have escaped, but the majority of the girls are still missing.

Of the 276 girls kidnapped from the Chibok boarding school, at least 165 of them are Christian, according to a list of names and a statement released by a former chairman of an affiliate of the Christian Association of Nigeria.

As of Monday May 12, the situation has become very fast-paced. After sending out a video claiming Boko Haram would free the girls in exchange for militant prisoners, the Federal Government has quickly rejected the proposal. Expect a more detailed update later this week.

Open Doors is on the ground supporting the Chibok community and the families of the missing girls.

“Almost every house has a child in this school,” said an Open Doors worker. “Cries of parents could be heard all over the town as they prayed for God’s intervention.”

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Heidi Boesl

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