North Carolina Abortionist Ashutosh ‘Ron’ Virmani Who Said he Was Doing Taxpayers a Service by Ridding the World of ‘Ugly Black Babies’ Arrested on Rape Charges

North Carolina Abortionist Ashutosh 'Ron' Virmani

An abortionist who sparked outrage in 2012 when he claimed that he was doing a service to taxpayers by ridding the world of ‘ugly black babies’ has been arrested on rape charges.

Ashutosh “Ron” Virmani, abortionist at A Preferred Women’s Health Center, was taken into custody at his home in early Thursday morning, and was booked at the Mecklenberg County Jail shortly after 3 a.m.

According to reports, Virmani, 60, had invited a 49-year-old woman to his home on Wednesday to discuss a business deal unrelated to his abortion practice. However, the unidentified woman later met with police at the Carolinas Medical Center after she alleged that Virmani raped her and refused to allow her to leave.

Police then swarmed Virmani’s residence and transported him to the county jail. He was charged with one count of second degree rape, and two counts of second degree sexual offense. Virmani was released on Thursday on $150,000 bond, and will face an arraignment in court today.

As previously reported, Virmani made national headlines in 2012 when members of the group Operation Save America went to his home to speak to him about their concerns regarding his practice. The encounter was captured on camera as two men and one woman spoke with Virmani.

“Don’t put pregnancy and adoption on the taxpayers,” Virmani stated. “I don’t wish to pay for the baby with my money.”

The woman then asked, “You would rather profit off of those children?”

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