Atheist Military Organization Petitions Department of Defense to Allow Chaplain for Atheist Soldiers


In what some might see as an oxymoron, an advocacy group apparently is preparing to ask the Defense Department to appoint a chaplain — for atheists. 

A source tells Fox News that the Military Association of Atheists and Free Thinkers plans to make the request on Tuesday, floating its president Jason Torpy as the proposed chaplain.

Asked for comment, the association referred to its position in support of a prior bid to name a “humanist” chaplain.

But a Defense Department official confirmed that a meeting is planned between the applicant and the Navy on Tuesday.

Rep. John Fleming, R-La., who last year opposed the creation of such a position, also voiced concerns about the planned request. He told he’s got to wait and see how the proposal plays out, but threatened to use legislation to block it if necessary.

“We’re only finding out about this now,” he said. Fleming said the law is clear that any chaplain needs to have an “endorsing agency” and questioned whether the applicant would have that here. “We just don’t see any avenue, but you know we’ve been surprised before by the military.”

The move would come after lawmakers, including Fleming, battled over the same issue last year.

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  1. Why would someone be against providing Chaplains for the “one-quarter” of servicepeople with no religious preference? Oh, maybe we could guess. This article, like so much of the fake outrages of FAUX news, merely reveals ignorance about what a Chaplain really is. As one who has actually been one for 25 years I will simply say, a Chaplain is present with anyone of any faith or no faith who needs a listening ear, support and ethical guidance (no, you don’t need faith or a god for that). A good, relevant Chaplain (worthy of taxpayer support) is not a preacher who sees a military base, prison or hospital as a “mission field” to rake in souls. Unfortunately, those who fall for the “Christian Chaplains are the standard” ignorance of this article, will continue to propagate their chosen irrationality to fight their invented culture wars, which of course distracts from our servicepeople getting the help they really need. Thanks to the Theo-cons.

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