Fifth Grade Student Told He Is Not Permitted to Read the Bible During Reading Time

Reading Bible

A fifth grade teacher in Florida has told one of her students that he is not permitted to read the Bible during a designated free reading time. The student’s family is fighting back.

The teacher told Giovanni Rubeo to close the Bible and put it on her desk because reading religious material is not permitted in her classroom. Jeremy Dys of the Liberty Institute, who’s looking into the matter, says Giovanni then asked if he could call his father.

“While the rest of the class looked on, she called Giovanni’s dad – actually she had Giovanni come to the front of the class and dial the number on the school classroom phone – and she then left his father a voice message saying that his son was not allowed to read religious books in her classroom,” Dys explains.

Dys says the teacher’s attitude and actions make no sense.

“Of course, students can read their Bibles while they are at school, and kids in America are protected by the First Amendment too,” he says. “Even the United States Department of Education has specifically provided a policy that reads, ‘Students may read their Bibles or Scriptures during free reading times at school.’”

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Bob Kellogg

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