Donald Trump Asks, ‘Is There a Double Standard When Tim Tebow Is Mocked for his Christian Faith While Michael Sam Is Applauded for Being a Homosexual?’; says ‘America Has Become So Politically Correct that It’s Going to Hell’

Donald Trump Asks, Is There a Double Standard

The business mogul cites the public’s reactions, with Tim Tebow being mocked for his religiously significant displays while Michael Sam is lauded for being openly gay. Business giant Donald Trump praised Michael Sam for his NFL draft but said that the first openly gay NFL player’s kiss of his reported boyfriend in reaction to the good news was “out there,” and that reaction to same highlighted a double standard in a society where the NFL’s Tim Tebow was mocked for his displays of Christianity.

According to Mediaite, Trump making an appearance on Monday’s Fox & Friends, said, “I guess there must be [a double standard] because Tim Tebow went through hell … They went after him like crazy.”

Trump made a point similar to that of comments and an editorial cartoon tweeted out by Florida State University linebacker Demarcus Walker.

Trump also spoke out about Dolphins’ Don Jones, who was fined and suspended for tweeting about Sam’s kiss with negativity, saying that society has become too “politically correct.”

“I think it’s a pretty tough reaction … We’ve become so politically correct in this country that the country is going to hell,” Trump said. “People are afraid to talk. They’re afraid to express their own thoughts … I’m not even speaking for myself, but I’ve heard many people that thought the display after he was chosen was inappropriate. And whether or not it was, I don’t know. But it was certainly out there a little bit.”

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