Israel Declares Golan Region a Closed Military Zone as Syrian Fighting Nears Border

(Photo by: REUTERS)
(Photo by: REUTERS)

Assad’s forces have been under siege in border area for months, facing rebels which include radical jihadi groups.

The IDF Northern Command declared the Quneitra crossing area a closed military zone on Sunday, following intense exchanges of fire between Assad loyalist forces and rebels in the region.

In recent days, fighting between Syrian Army soldiers and rebels has intensified, and according to estimates by military sources, battles that could have decisive outcomes are raging close to the border.

The IDF sealed the area and told local farm workers to stay away, due to the danger of stray shells or gunfire reaching Israel.

The Golan Regional Council said it was being kept up to date on developments by the IDF but added that the daily routine for locals remains unaffected. Residents have, however, reported hearing several blasts from the other side of the border.

Assad regime forces have been under siege in the border area near Israel for many months, and attempts by the Syrian Army to reverse rebel victories in the region have so far been a failure.

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SOURCE: Yaakov Lappin and Noam Amir
The Jerusalem Post

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