Workflow and Organization Theology Advocates Say Promptly Replying to Emails Can Be Just as Missional as Working In a Soup Kitchen

(Image by Justin See/Flickr Creative Commons)
(Image by Justin See/Flickr Creative Commons)

As assistant executive director of the Virginia Baptist Missions Board, Glenn Akins is charged with all kinds of big-picture kingdom work, including keeping churches up to speed on cultural trends and demographics.

“It’s important for churches to recognize changes so they can keep reaching new people for Christ,” he said.

But there is another — and just as important — way Akin says he does the Lord’s work every day: by keeping on top of his emails.

“I don’t like my inbox getting any bigger than my computer screen.”

How does Akins equate helping churches survive a post-Christian culture with answering emails in a timely and friendly manner? By viewing both as a way to help others get their jobs done.

And that, he added, is being a living witness of Christ, whether in big or small moments and tasks. That’s huge in an era when everyone — from pastors to I.T. techs — is extremely busy.

“One of the ways I can honor them and acknowledge how harried they are, how thin their margins are, is by responding on a timely basis to their requests for help.”

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SOURCE: Associated Baptist Press
Jeff Brumley

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