Is New Clergy Fashion Line for Female Pastors an Act of Vanity?

The Clergy Collection
The Clergy Collection

A new fashion line is out for fashion forward female pastors who want to wear clergy attire that make them look professional and feminine.

For Christians, the church is a place of worship and fellowship. A sanctuary where one can find peace and inspiration from the gospel.

The service is facilitated by the pastor, whose role amongst many others, is to help connect the congregation with God.

But what happens when the pastor feels that the traditional robe he/she has to wear might affect their job because it’s, uhm, unattractive?

A female pastor in England was faced with this dilemma. According to The Telegraph fashion designer and founder of House of Ilona, Camelle Daley, designed The Clergy Collection when a recently ordained friend was not too keen on wearing an ‘unflattering’ clergy shirt. She approached Camelle and asked her to make a dress instead.

The friend loved the dress and this inspired Camelle to create a new line of clothing specifically ‘for the fashion conscious ministers’.

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SOURCE: Women24

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