WATCH: Ray J, Kenny Lattimore and More Discuss Washing the Feet of Homeless People at Midnight Mission on Skid Row


While most people were preparing for the recent Easter weekend with family crafting baskets, baking ham and painting eggs, The ASHE’ Foundation, One Church International and various celebrities were washing the feet of the homeless at Midnight Mission on Skid Row. Our associate, LaCora Stephens, was on the scene to get the story.

Ray J, Kenny Lattimore and Edwina Findley all got active and actually washed the feet of the homeless. They agreed that writing a check or giving a donation is easy, but simply giving your time for a foundation such as this is a humbling experience. Pastor Toure’ Roberts, pastor of One Church International and author of Purpose Awakening provided a ton of volunteers and shared importance of touch and value to the forgotten.

The volunteers not only washed feet, they provided fresh clean socks, shoes, hygiene bags and some even threw in a bonus massage! Lattimore joked stating, “We should call it Spa Skid Row.” On a serious note he mentioned how the state of the people he was helping, actually hit close to home for him because he was not far from homelessness. “God’s grace kept me from that” explained Lattimore.

Founder Dion Fearon stated that her goal is to go beyond Skid Row as they have before with 50,000 plus shoes, health kits and more for their 2015 mission trip. She pleaded help, stating, “These mission trips can be very expensive.” To learn more about The ASHE’ Foundation, please visit:


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