South African Pastor Accused of Raping Several Women

This teenager is one of several women accusing the pastor of rape.Photo: Cindy Waxa
This teenager is one of several women accusing the pastor of rape. Photo: Cindy Waxa

A Khayelitsha pastor is facing at least one charge of rape after allegedly molesting a 23-year-old member of his congregation over the past three years.

The pastor at a church in Makhaya, Khayelitsha, appeared before magistrate Gary Haremse in the Khayelitsha Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

He was not asked to plead.

On Monday, prosecutor Sizo Dlali told the court it was alleged he had been molesting the woman repeatedly since she was 19.

At one point she fell pregnant, but was allegedly forced by the pastor to give the baby up for adoption.

The baby was adopted by a German couple last year.

Dali said that since the pastor’s arrest last Friday, more women had come forward with similar allegations.

He said he had received a recording which is understood to be of the pastor threatening the woman.

“The evidence shows that the accused made threats to the complainant after he became aware that she would lay charges.”

Seated in the dock in a shiny black suit with a gold shirt, the married pastor held his head high.

Every now and then, he would steal looks at his wife, who mouthed to him: “Don’t worry.”

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Source: IOL News | Zodidi Dano

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