Legendary NFL WR, Tim Brown, Teaches Men and Boys How to Honor God and Live With Integrity In New Book

Tim Brown nfl

Tim Brown, legendary NFL wide receiver, has faced many situations throughout his life – on and off the field – that has shaped him into the man he is today. He has learned valuable lessons about how to honor God and live with integrity even in the spotlight.

On the field, Tim learned how persistence creates confidence. Throughout his career, Tim was persistent even after he failed on the field. He persisted in his training and believed what others told him about being a talented player, which built his confidence and made him an excellent player. Real men are confident in what they are doing.

Tim also learned the importance of showing and receiving respect. In the world of football, players have to earn respect, because it is not often given to them. Tim learned through several situations the importance of not giving in to others taunting, to give respect where it was due, and to earn it from others by working hard. Respect is often given when we make sure our actions line up with our words.

Off the field, Tim has faced many temptations perpetuated by success and fortune. He emphasizes how real men face and overcome temptation. He shares how God helped him escape tempting situations. There were times that women had made themselves available to Tim and he was able to find the escape route God left. Tim has learned the importance of taking responsibility and how that is a reflection of a man. At the pinnacle of his football career, Tim was not walking with the lord and his girlfriend became pregnant. They kept the child and Tim took responsibility and cared for his child rather than avoiding the situation. True men take responsibility for their actions and situations that they are part of.

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SOURCE: The 700 Club

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