WATCH: Focus on the Family President Jim Daly Wants to “Start a National Dialogue” With “Irreplaceable” Film

Jim Daly
Jim Daly

Is the family relevant? That’s the question at the heart of a new documentary by Focus on the Family.

The film “Irreplaceable” follows a married father of four as he embarks on a trip around the world to explore the current state of marriage and family.

The movie tackles some of the most critical and avoided topics in society, including the abandonment of the father in families, gender selection abortion, and why today’s “hooking up” generation is destroying the feminist movement.

CBN News spoke with Focus on the Family President Jim Daly about what the film hopes to accomplish.

“We want to start a national dialogue,” he explained. “We want to re-introduce people to the concept of family.”

“The fact that Mom and Dad in a loving relationship having children is the best place for a child to be reared,” he said. “You talk to all the social scientists, look at all the social science around this issue and children do best when they’re in a home of a loving biological mom and dad.”

“And we need to concentrate on that again and we need to help rebuild that,” Daly continued. “And I think the movie can spark that discussion once again in our country.”

The film opens for a special one-night screening in selected theaters Tuesday, May 6.

What every man desires from his father:

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