Ohio Teen, Born Without Part of her Right Arm, Gets a Bionic Hand

Torri Biddle, 19, tests out her bionic right hand for the first time. (TBL VIA YOUTUBE)
Torri Biddle, 19, tests out her bionic right hand for the first time. (TBL VIA YOUTUBE)

An Ohio teenager really does have the best friends in the world.

Torri Biddle was born without her right arm, but now has one with the help of her pals and the creators of the documentary series “The Buried Life.”

“It was definitely something I thought never was going to happen,” the 19-year-old Biddle told the Daily News on Monday.

Despite the birth defect — her right hand never formed in her mother’s stomach — Torri has lived her life without feeling sorry for herself. “I guess I didn’t realize I was different,” she says.

Torri even played on the Liberty Center High School girls’ basketball team, and said that even without her right hand she learned a cross-over dribble move.

“The thing I loved the most about basketball [was] because it was so challenging,” she said.

Torri has always held out hope that one day she could receive a bionic arm. Last fall, her friends took that to heart.

Her pals got the attention of “The Buried Life,” which held a contest asking people what they wanted to do before they die. Torri’s friend Dominic Tammarine submitted Torri’s story.

Her closest friends also started a social media campaign with the hashtag #HandforTorri.

The people behind “The Buried Life,” formerly an MTV series, were impressed, and teamed with nonprofit Invisible Children to get the Hanger Clinic to donate a state-of-the-art $150,000 bionic arm to Torri in August.

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The New York Daily News

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