JET Magazine Explores T.D. Jakes’ Post-Prison Program in New Series ‘Lock & Key’

JET Magazine Explores T.D. Jakes' Post-Prison Program in New Series 'Lock & Key'

Graduation season is upon us, but for some, crossing the stage in front of friends and family is about much more than earning a degree.

That’s why, in a unique collaboration with Bishop TD Jakes ministries, traveled to Dallas to witness an unusual commencement ceremony.

Check out “Lock & Key: Inside the Texas Offender Re-entry Initiative” to learn about a special post-prison program to help those whom society has all but written off.

Watch parts 1 and 2 of this special news series exclusive to  Then, stay tuned for the conclusion on 5.13.2014.

PART 1.  See how this exclusive docu-series begins, and meet Carolyn Hemphill, a grandmother desperately trying to escape a past of prison and substance abuse.

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Source: JET Magazine

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