9-Year-Old Boy Desperately Calls 911 for Help and Instead of Being Rescued, his Parents Beat him to Death 8 Months Later

Omaree Varela
Omaree Varela

A New Mexico man has been charged with murdering his 9-year-old stepson, who was found beaten to death months after placing a desperate 911 call.

The child, Omaree Varela, called 911 from his Albuquerque home six months before his death, hoping to alert authorities to what investigators are now saying were drug-addicted, abusive parents, KOAT first reported.

The call, placed in June 2013, was made available in February by police. In the chilling audio, Varela’s mother, Synthia Varela-Casaus, and the boy’s stepfather, Steve Casaus, can be heard hurling verbal abuse at the child, unaware that a 911 dispatcher is listening in.

The verbal abuse allegedly began after Varela accidentally spilled food on the ground.

“I swear, I’m going to have a nervous fucking breakdown,” Steve Casaus can be heard saying in the recording. “Mainly because of this little shit head right here.”

As the boy stays quiet, Casaus continues to berate the child.

“You make everybody sick around you, Omaree,” he says. “Everybody!”

As a dispatcher traces the call to the home, Omaree’s parents can be heard telling the boy to stop crying over bruises he has.

“You just want attention, right?” his mother shouts. “Right?”

The tirade continues as Casaus threatens to beat the boy and says that the child’s own brother can’t stand him.

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Source: Huffington Post | Sebastian Murdock

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