Joyce Meyer on Faithfulness

Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer

Faithfulness is a character trait we all want other people to have. We want our spouse to be faithful to us in good times and bad. We want the guy who’s repairing our roof to do a good job and get it finished on time. And we want our children to obey us not just to get gifts or special privileges, but because they trust us and believe we want the best for them.

Faithfulness is a wonderful thing. But it’s not easy to be faithful, and it’s not easy to find other people who fit the definition these days. One place you notice it is in the workplace. Years ago it was normal for a person to hold the same job for thirty years or more. Today, turnover is a lot higher. We like to keep our options open, looking for bigger paychecks and more attractive benefits.

It’s okay to want to be fairly compensated for the work that we do. But a lot of times, people are looking for a way to get the same benefits today that would take the next person several years to earn.

TV commercials are another place we see this, with products like weight loss supplements and skin creams that promise us overnight results. Why do we buy this stuff? I think it’s because we want something for nothing. It takes so little effort to take a pill or rub some cream onto your skin. Yet we’re expecting the same results as if we were at the gym three days a week doing stomach crunches, lifting weights and watching what we eat.

The point is shortcuts don’t usually deliver the results we hope for. And compromises keep us from enjoying true satisfaction in life.

The thing that can bring us real joy and satisfaction is faithfulness…doing what we know is right in obedience to God’s Word.

Second Timothy 2:13 says, “If we are faithless [do not believe and are untrue to Him], He remains true (faithful to His Word and His righteous character), for He cannot deny Himself.”

I love that about God! No matter what we do or don’t do, His attitude toward us is always the same. And that’s the kind of stability that people need to see from Christians today.

Sometimes we start out doing the right thing for a while and then, when we don’t get a right result or a positive response from people, we change our mind and do something else. But God wants us to remain faithful to His Word even during times of discouragement. And for our faithfulness, He promises us a reward.

Galatians 6:9 (AMP) says, “And let us not lose heart and grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing right, for in due time and at the appointed season we shall reap, if we do not loosen and relax our courage and faint.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Joyce Meyer

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