Hip Hop Vibe Highlights the Good of Pastor Charles Jenkins Amid Personal Innuendo

Pastor Charles Jenkins
Pastor Charles Jenkins

Good and bad exists and people who don’t agree on anything are forced to agree upon this fact of nature. With the recent rumor mill buzzing, a lot of the good work that Grammy Award Winning Pastor Charles Jenkins has done is being outshined by controversy.

A Chicago native, Jenkins is the leader of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago. This church was founded by Civil Rights leader, Clay Evans, and under Rev. Jenkins’ leadership, the institute has done a lot of good. They have provided help, an outlet and have become an instrumental part of the community.

He is a savvy businessman and has put together several outreach efforts that have benefited the masses. FEED, which stands for Fellowship Educational and Economic Development Corporation is one of his known establishments. Through this, he is leading a $26 million effort called The Legacy Project.

Always looking to create opportunities, Rev. Charles Jenkins is creating over 400 jobs through FEED and The Legacy Project. This new program is impacting one of the most-discussed places in the United States, the Southside of Chicago. The Southside of Chicago is known as one of the roughest areas in the United States and is the birthplace of the hip hop movement commonly referred to as Drill music, which is inspired by the violence in the area.

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SOURCE: Hip Hop Vibe
K.B. Tindal

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