The Demonic Epidemic of Pastor Suicides Continues: Family Pastor of Iowa Church, DB Antrim, Commits Suicide

Family Pastor, DB Antrim (Westwind Church)
Family Pastor, DB Antrim (Westwind Church)

Five weeks ago, Brandon Barker stood before the members of Westwind Church and spoke about how the young congregation, remarkably, had not yet lost a member in its five years.

The lead pastor imagined what a death in the Waukee church’s family would feel like when it finally came.

But Sunday, at the first of two services in which Barker had to choke back tears, he admitted, “I had no idea how horrific that day would be.”

Last week, the church’s family pastor, DB Antrim, committed suicide.

Antrim, 40, a husband and a father of two boys, had worked with the church’s youth. Knowing they would have questions, Barker wanted the loss to be a “teachable moment” that could help grieving congregants come together in a time of confusion and tragedy. Antrim’s suicide would not be downplayed or covered up. Instead, it would “bring light” to the darkness of death.

Brent Minter, the church’s worship pastor, said that for a community, dealing directly with trauma is crucial.

“In true community, you have got to talk about it, and you have got to deal with it,” Minter said.

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SOURCE: Des Moines Register
Sharyn Jackson

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