WATCH: Pastor Jack Hayford Discusses the Strategies He Has Learned for Defeating Evil Through Prayer

Pastor Jack Hayford
Pastor Jack Hayford

In his book Penetrating the Darkness, pastor Jack Hayford details his personal battle plan for unleashing God’s power and defeating hell on earth. He explains how embracing the power of the cross allows you to develop a powerful prayer life, engage in effective intercession, understand the weapons in your arsenal and confront—and defeat—evil.

He says, “Nothing has more greatly shaped the experiences and events of my life than prayer: personal prayer, public prayer gatherings, pointed and focused prayer, passionate prayer, and power-filled, Spirit-energized prayer!”

Jesus taught that praying goes beyond the habits of multitudes who, when they do pray, are exercising something more akin to rubbing a rabbit’s foot—a hope heavenward that “something good will happen” or “this awful thing will go away.”

Hayford explains how to: develop powerful devotional habits, engage in intercession, plead the blood of Christ, understand the correct use of binding and loosing, confront evil and learn why some prayers don’t succeed.

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SOURCE: The 700 Club

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