Matt Chandler Says Acts 29 Has Expanded to Help African American and Latino Church Planters In the Urban Community

Matt Chandler preaching

Acts 29, an international organization of church planters, has expanded its resources to urban leaders who seek to start a church within their communities, said president and pastor Matt Chandler during the Exponential East conference Thursday.

Church planters generally become a part of the organization’s residency program where they are prepared to plant a gospel-centered, church planting church. However, the program for urban leaders differs in that they receive theological and character development training as well as functional tools to begin their own churches.

“What we’ve really invested in is our Thriving Residencies for urban planters, specifically African American and Latinos. We just spotted this reality that these guys oftentimes come to Anglo suburban churches for their residencies but then they’re completely out of the context in which they’ll actually minister,” Chandler said during the conference’s live webcast.

Chandler’s message during the conference was focused on the works of Acts 29 with the intent to inspire and encourage participants to rethink and rediscover outreach and evangelism.

He also noted that the need to offer resources to urban leaders began out of sheer acknowledgment that oftentimes, many of them lack basic means to start and maintain a church. African American and Latino church communities also usually lack theological educators and basic discipleship programs, he said. That is why his organization’s efforts are shifting to this demographic with the hope to begin a movement.

“What we’re really trying to do is to serve as a global catalyst for church planting so we’re looking to identify, train and launch gospel-centered, bible-believing, Jesus-loving missional churches all over the world,” said Chandler.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Jessica Martinez

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