Audacious Homeschool Teacher Course Released by the Home Learning Association on DVD

Homeschool Teacher Course
Homeschool Teacher Course

The Home Learning Association, an all-inclusive nationwide homeschool organization, has just released its Homeschool Teacher Course on video that gives parents everything they will need to start homeschooling, including the necessary mindset and confidence.

Throughout history, parents, in most cases, have proven themselves to be the best possible teachers for their children. Until a child’s spirit is broken by schooling, their drive to learn is insatiable and most often parents need only provide guidance and access to learning materials to help their children educate themselves. With this precept in mind, the Home Learning Association (HLA) partnered with the Home School Institute to organize and create an instructional “Homeschool Teacher Course” for homeschooling parents. It’s a 5-disc DVD set available online for free to HLA members.

This innovative, no-nonsense course contains hundreds of video clips extracted from presentations by some of the world’s leading homeschool and education experts as well as other child development professionals. It explores methods of helping children teach themselves and guides parents through the learning process. It offers facts about and support for the homeschooling environment and shows how this environment benefits the children, the parents, and society as a whole.

“One of the biggest stumbling blocks to getting started in homeschooling is uncertainty and fear,” explains HLA Executive Director J. Allen Weston. The Homeschool Teacher Course demystifies the homeschooling experience and offers parents exactly what they need to develop the proper mindset, build their confidence, and engage their child. “With the proper mindset, most any parent can guide their child through their education, from birth through college and beyond,” states Weston.

In over ten hours of footage, the Homeschool Teacher Course covers topics such as:

  •         The true purpose and disturbing facts about public schools
  •         What exactly homeschooling is and why everyone should consider it
  •         Things that parents do and don’t want to do when homeschooling
  •         Learning styles and how people learn
  •         Overcoming fears and answers to common questions
  •         Testing and Socialization
  •         College considerations
  •         Support systems and resources
  •         Organization, scheduling and record keeping
  •         And much more!

Innovative and comprehensive, the Homeschool Teacher Course is available as one of many benefits that are included with membership into the HLA which costs only $39/year for an entire family.

About the Home Learning Association

The HLA is the first nationwide organization to assist in organizing, coordinating and advancing the growing homeschool movement for all homeschoolers. It offers comprehensive programs, activities and resources not previously available on a nationwide basis. It was founded and is run by the Weston family, a veteran homeschooling family of seventeen years. Started by homeschoolers for all homeschoolers, the Association partners with over a dozen affiliated companies to ensure that all of the homeschooling community’s needs are met. To obtain more information, please visit our website at, find us on Facebook, check out our YouTube channel or find us on Twitter (@TerraScholar).

Source: PR Web

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