WATCH: The Gospel and Human Sexuality: Russell D. Moore, JD Greear, Kevin Smith, and More

2014 ERLC Leadership Summit
2014 ERLC Leadership Summit

Watch the videos from the ERLC’s 2014 Leadership Summit on The Gospel and Human Sexuality.

J.D. Greear “Mending Fences: The Gospel and Pastoral Care for Sexual Sin” / Panel: The Gospel and Homosexuality Moderator: Andrew Walker, Greg Belser, Jimmy Scroggins, J.D. Greear, Mark Regnerus

J.D. Greear – 17:50
Panel – 1 hour and 21 minute mark

Keynote: Russell D. Moore “Walking the Line: The Gospel and Moral Purity” / Panel: Ministering in a Sex-saturated Society (Moderator: Phillip Bethancourt, Russell D. Moore, Tony Merida, Dean Inserra, Nathan Lino, Kelly Rosati)

Russell Moore – 20:15
Panel – 1 hour and 17 minute mark

Brief Reflection: Trillia Newbell – Women and Sexuality / Keynote: Kevin Smith “Keeping the Marriage Bed Pure: The Gospel and Marital Sexuality”

Trillia Newbell – 12:25
Kevin Smith – 35:00

Brief Reflection: Matt Carter – Biblical Reflection on Sexuality / Panel 3: The Gospel and Biblical Manhood (Moderator: Phillip Bethancourt , Russell D. Moore, David Prince, Clint Pressley, Matt Carter)

Matt Carter – 4:00
Panel – 23:58

Keynote: Mark Regnerus – Sex in America: Sociological Trends in American Sexuality / Brief Reflection: Paul Jimenez – Biblical Reflection on Sexuality

Mark Regnerus – 22:25
Paul Jimenez – 1 hour and 13 minute mark

Keynote: David Prince “The Birds and the Bees: The Gospel and Your Children’s Sexuality” / Brief Reflection: Bart Barber – Religious Liberty and Sexuality

David Prince – 19:53
Bart Barber – 1 hour and 18 minute mark

Heath Lambert “Finally Free: The Gospel and Pornography”

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