32-Year-Old Anti-Violence Activist, Leonore Draper, Killed by Gunfire In Chicago

Leonore Draper. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)
Leonore Draper. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Chicago woman who was shot to death on Friday night after returning home from an anti-violence fundraiser had dedicated her life to the local community, her family said in a statement.

Leonore Draper, 32, had attended A Charitable Confection prior to her violent death from an apparent drive-by shooting while exiting her car outside her home. Chicago teenagers organized the anti-violence group Project Orange Tree to initiate efforts and to combat all forms of violence in their communities.

“We believe it quite ironic that Leonore’s life ended violently when she was so committed to the betterment of our community,” her family said in a statement on Sunday.

Draper, originally from Houston, Texas, lived in Chicago with her husband, Jason. She was a senior grants analyst for the Chicago Public Schools, a Girl Scout leader, and a volunteer for Multiple Sclerosis Walk Chicago, her family said.

She was active in her church and honed her skills as a make-up artist and she recently earned her master’s degree from nearby DePaul University.

Draper’s family encouraged local leaders to create and support new programs aimed at curbing gun violence.

“We mourn for Leonore and the many victims of violence whose lives have been negatively impacted by the actions of morally depraved persons, many of whom have easy access to firearms sold by unchecked gun brokers throughout the country,” the family said in the statement.

“We call on our mayor and other state and local government officials to redouble their efforts at curtailing access to firearms by criminals.”

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Michele Richinick

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