Petition Launched for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to Transform Vacant Public School Into Gospel Music Heritage Museum for Rev. Clay Evans

Rev. Clay Evans
Rev. Clay Evans

Rev. Clay Evans is one of the last living Gospel Music legends in the Gospel Music Home of Chicago; he was the founding Chairman of the organization “Chicago Gospel Music Heritage Museum” along with another gospel music legend Rev. Dr. Stanley Keeble as curator, and has been seeking to see a physical location in his lifetime of a Gospel Music Heritage Museum as a economic and tourist attraction in the Black community to permanently preserve and teach the legacy of Chicago as the home of Gospel Music. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has the political power to use existing TIF Funds and access other existing Tourism dollars to immediately transform one of the existing vacant Chicago Public School Buildings into a physical home for The Rev. Clay Evans Chicago Gospel Music Heritage Museum.

Mayor Emanuel can put this is motion in time to make the announcement in time for the legendary Rev. Clay Evans upcoming 90th Birthday in June, also Black Music Month. During these past several years Rev. Evans has watched over a dozen of his fellow Chicago Gospel Music legends pass away with their last wish being to see a physical home for The Chicago Gospel Music Heritage Museum happen in their lifetimes. People like Inez Andrews, Delores Barrett-Campbell, Dr. Charles Clency, Rev. Jessy Dixon, Albertina Walker, Rev. Dr. Charles Hayes and others.

Chicago only pays tribute Chicago as home to Gospel music with the annual Chicago Gospel Music Festival so now is the right time to help Rev. Clay Evans be able to see in his lifetime a physical home for The Chicago Gospel Music Heritage Museum and one of Chicago’s vacant public schools would be an excellent location. This is something that our collective Black political, religious, civic and community leadership in Chicago should actively encourage Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to make this happen.

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SOURCE: Chicago Now
Mark S. Allen

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