Gun Owners Now Allowed to Carry Their Weapons In Some Georgia Churches


Licensed “concealed carry” gun owners will soon be able to carry their weapons into some churches in Georgia.

Currently in Georgia, a person can have a weapon inside their vehicle on the church parking lot, but not in the church itself. Jerry Henry, who heads, tells OneNewsNow there are exceptions to that rule that fit into over 20 categories.

“You’ve got the police, the military … judges, retired judges, sheriffs, court reporters, district attorneys, etcetera,” he explains. “All those people, if they’re under an exempt statute, then they can carry into just about any place basically except prisons and jails.”

But Georgia Governor Nathan Deal recently signed a law that changes the picture.

“After July 1, it will no longer be against the law to carry in church, provided that the churches opt in and agree to allow you to do so,” Henry continues. “It also decriminalizes the carry in that if a church does not opt in and you get caught in a church, then you’ll be ticketed and given up to a hundred-dollar fine.”

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Charlie Butts

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