Actor Jamie Foxx Says “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Is Safe for Christian Children to Watch

Jamie Foxx

Christian parents need not worry about excessive violence while taking their children to see “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” according to Jamie Foxx.

The actor, who plays the menacing villain Electro in the film told The Christian Post this weekend that Sony and the creators worked hard to eliminate any unnecessary violence in the final cut of the superhero flick.

“What’s great about [Amazing Spider-Man 2] is that Sony specifically took certain parts out of the movie so that it would be family friendly, they dialed down some of the violence,” said Foxx to CP. “The whole family could go [see it and feel] safe and comfortable.”

Foxx also feels this latest film’s depiction of Spider-Man keeps him in the good role model category.

“If anything, [parents] can explain to [their] kids why Spider-Man is necessary because Spider-Man is still in high school, he’s doing the right thing, he’s about hope and he’s friendly,” he said to CP. “Those are the ingredients that I think anyone can get on board with.”

More specifically, Foxx discussed his daughter’s passion for faith and how it relates to her view of the new movie.

“[My 5 year-old daughter and I] were at this high school and I had her spell Spider-Man [in front of a crowd]. I said now, do something for the crowd, name the books of the Bible and she goes Genesis, Exodus Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, 1 Samuel,” he said. “So if my daughter [who I had on the set appreciates this film] I think any kid [can].”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Vincent Funaro

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