Violent Incidents In Church Take Place More Often Than People Think

Violence in Church

More than 450 people have died from violent incidents in a church or faith-based property since 1999, according to Sheepdog Seminars for Churches.

Sheepdogs Seminars wants to lower that figure by showing churches how to be aware of potential violence on their properties, and equipping them to create a safer atmosphere for worship.

“It has been said that there are three kinds of people in the world… wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs,” the organization states on its website.

“When we refer to a ‘Sheepdog Seminar for Churches,’ we are appealing to churches to form ‘eyes and ears’ teams at their houses of worship: men and women (sheepdogs) whose assignment on that particular day is to watch out for anyone and anything that threatens the safety of the congregation,” the website says.

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