Tech CEO Gets Fired by Board for Domestic Violence


RadiumOne just announced that its board of directors terminated CEO and Chairman Gurbaksh Chahal on Saturday night. The company said in an emailed statement that Chief Operating Officer Bill Lonergan will be taking over as CEO.

Chahal’s firing was first reported in Re/code.

The company faced intense criticism and calls for Chahal’s ouster earlier this week after he pled guilty to misdemeanor charges of battery and domestic violence battery. More serious felony charges were dropped, reportedly because video footage was ruled inadmissible, and because the victim declined to cooperate with prosecutors.

Chahal defended himself today in a blog post, saying that his temper “got the better” of him after he learned his girlfriend “was having unprotected sex for money with other people.” However, he insisted that “there is a difference between temper and domestic violence” and that the video footage (which has not been released publicly) was “bull—” that “made the SFPD look bad because they violently assaulted me as I opened my door despite my being fully cooperative.”

Chahal still refers to himself as CEO in the blog post (published before today’s announcement but after RadiumOne says the decision was made), and does not mention his removal, which suggests that he may put up a legal fight against the board’s decision. (Update: Or maybe Chahal just didn’t know.)

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SOURCE: TechCrunch
Anthony Ha

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