New Study Says the Key to a Healthy, Long Life Is Found In Eating Raw Fish and Drinking Green Tea


If you are searching for the key to a long and healthy life, it seems Japanese women may have the answer.

A new study has revealed their diets rich in raw fish and green tea are helping them to live considerably longer than British women.

Eschewing the Western staples of dairy and bread sees Japanese women live to the ripe old age of 86.4 years on average, much more than British women who live to just 82.7 years.

Research by the Office for National statistics found that there could be ‘potential for further increases’ in life expectancy for women in the UK, if they adopted the lifestyle of their Asian counterparts, The Times reports.

The Japanese diet is rich in whole grains, vegetables and soy – and Japanese women consume around 25 per cent fewer calories than British women.

They eat on average three servings of fish a week, with smaller, daintier portions.

It is believed that using chopsticks also slows down the eating process, giving the body time to realise what has been consumed, and therefore eat less.

According to the league table, Japanese men have an average life expectancy of 79.9 – not too dissimilar to that of British men, who live on average to 78.9.

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SOURCE: The Times
Amanda Williams

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