Ed Stetzer Gives 5 Ways Twitter Can Be Used to Encourage Brothers and Sisters In Christ


When I am on a long drive, I will sometimes tweet out an offer.

Basically, I say, “Hey, if you are a small church pastor (or church planter, college leader, student, or whatever else in that tweet), and you need some advice, encouragement, and prayer, send me a Direct Message.”

Then, though I normally don’t read Direct Messages, I monitor them and call in the order received.

So, here is why.

1. First, I cannot take all advice calls I’d like to.

I cannot keep up with DMs (since they are filled with spam), and most phone calls have to be handled by my staff.

I mostly encourage pastors and give advice through conferences and books. It’s the only way I can do my job and stay happily married and be a good dad.

However, I love taking the time to randomly serve pastors and church leaders. I trust that the Holy Spirit has set up the divine appointments. And, I assure you, He does.

2. Second, I am surprised at how encouraged people are at my call.

Since I put the tweet up and take it down quickly, I can usually manage the 15-20 numbers that show up in an hour or two.

I’ve prayed with a pastor in a hospital room as his wife was dying next to him. I’ve given advice to seminary students about how to take their next step into a ministry role. And, almost all the time, they are blessed, but I get way more blessed by their response.

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Ed Stetzer

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