Christian Actors Talk With the Christian Post About Inspirational Movie, “From The Rough”

Henry Simmons as “Kendrick Paulsen Jr.” in FROM THE ROUGH.  (Photograph:
Henry Simmons as “Kendrick Paulsen Jr.” in FROM THE ROUGH.

“From the Rough” is not your average movie, and now the Christian actors involved in the project are opening up about the amazing true story that they believe will inspire people from all walks of life.

The film tells the true story of former Tennessee State University golf coach Catana Starks who broke records and boundaries as a black female golf coach who took Division I NCAA male team to the top of their game. Although Starks formerly coached swimming and worked at a Historically Black University, she created a new mold in college athletics by recruiting international athletes from Korea, Australia, England and Albania who made it to the top of their division.

Taraji P. Henson, the Academy Award nominated Christian actress, stars in the movie as Coach Starks and told The Christian Post about why she took so much pride in the role.

“I’m particularly proud of this one because she’s not anybody’s girlfriend or wife. She’s not a cop, she’s a coach,” Henson exclaimed to CP. “When have we ever seen that? A golf coach!”

While Henson brings the true story of a golf coach to life, she wanted to let it be known that “From The Rough” is not a golf movie.

“I don’t want to scare people because it’s not about golf. It’s about the struggle and its about the five boys that she found from all over the world,” she said. “..There’s an Albanian kid, there’s a Korean kid who’s confused and has a cultural problem, there’s a street kid from London, one kid is from Australia and they’re all poor. So they understand the struggle of the kids that go to an HBCU, not being wanted by the Ivy League schools.”

Henson says the film does not focus on race, but on the commonality that all of the young men share trying to find their place in life when nobody wants them. Henry Simmons, the Christian actor who has graced both big and small screens in countless productions like NYPD Blue, plays TSU athletic director Kendrick Paulsen Jr in the film.

Simmons thinks the film is something that people from all walks of life will be able to relate to.

“All these different stories, the viewer is going to see that and they’re going to see their lives reflected on screen,” he told CP. “It’s going to be encouraging and inspirational.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Christine Thomasos

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