WATCH: Oldest Daughter of Pastor Creflo Dollar, Jordan L’Oreal Dollar, Releases New Single

Pastor Creflo Dollar with daughter, Jordan L’Oreal Dollar, at TBN (Facebook)
Pastor Creflo Dollar with daughter, Jordan L’Oreal Dollar, at TBN (Facebook)

He absolutely gushed, the way any doting father would. 52-year-old mega pastor Creflo Dollar is telling the world about his oldest daughter, Jordan L’Oreal Dollar’s new single titled, “I Don’t Deserve It”.

In a series of video recorded sit-downs, the pastor of World Changers Church International, accompanied by his gifted daughter, unveiled the origin of the song he says is life-changing.

“I’m not here just because my daughter wrote the song. This is something. It still blows my mind every single time I listen to it, the same thing happens. I swell up with tears and I’m just like this is so ministering to me,” he said. “And so, we decided, why not let it bless the Body of Christ?”

“The words just poured out and I didn’t even write any of the words down. I just kind of pressed record and started singing,” she explained.

Some of the lyrics say, It’s not my walk/It’s not my talk/It’s not even by my worship/Your grace is sufficient for me.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Jeanette Wells

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