North Carolina High School Student Patrick Peoples Accepted by 7 Ivy League Schools

Patrick Peoples FACEBOOK
Patrick Peoples

When high school senior Patrick Peoples decided to apply to a number of Ivy League schools, he was doing it largely on a whim. “No one ever expects to get in,” the young man told WECT. “I just wanted to apply. Maybe I’ll get into one—maybe, just maybe.”

But he did more than that. Peoples, who attends the Lyceum Academy of New Hanover High School in Wilmington, N.C., was actually accepted into seven of the Ivys, including Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth and Brown. He was also accepted at other top schools, such as Duke and the University of Chicago.

According to his AP English teacher, the acceptances are well earned. “He’s personable, he’s responsible, he has a complete and utter interest of what happens in the world, and he’s bound to make changes,” Catherine Edmonds told the news station.

The young man hopes to pursue a degree in public policy and economics. “I have a big passion for social justice,” Peoples said. “So when I see things that can be fixed or when I see people that don’t have the opportunity that I’ve had, it really makes me want to go up as far as I can and reach back and help people.”

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