N. Carolina Pastor, Council Nedd, Rallies Support for Legislation Allowing Military Chaplains to Pray in Jesus’ Name

Bishop Council Nedd
Bishop Council Nedd

A black pastor is rallying support for a U.S. House bill aimed at allowing Christian military chaplains to pray in Jesus name.

North Carolina Republican Walter Jones has again introduced H.R. 268, the Military Chaplains’ Freedom Bill. It has 24 co-sponsors.

Currently military chaplains are forbidden from praying in any way they like.

“Essentially the bill says that military chaplains should be permitted to pray as they deem appropriate for the circumstance,” explains Bishop Council Nedd, who is chairman of pro-religious organization In God We Trust and a board member of the Project 21 black leadership network.

Government lawyers and atheist activists claim that a Christian chaplain cannot even mention the name of Jesus outside of a formal church service. That means any prayer recited on a battlefield before a platoon charges into battle is subjected to strict government censorship.

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SOURCE: Chad Groening

One comment

  1. This distorts the truth and invents a problem that does not exist: first, as you well know, Chaplains are in No Way “forbidden to pray in any way they like.” No one says a Chaplain cannot “mention the name of Jesus” (or any deity) outside a church service.

    This sounds exactly like the false argument that a student “can’t pray in school.” Untrue. Compelling others to pray is another thing. “Officially sanctioned” prayers to anyone’s God are not appropriate in this free and secular nation.

    Here’s the Real Problem (from This Chaplain’s perspective): If a Chaplain is in the service of America primarily to preach and save souls, they are in the wrong profession. The United States military is not a mission-field ripe for harvest. A Chaplain should be present to help and support in times of trouble, not act as a missionary. Any so-called “freedom bill” ought to include the freedom of non-Christian soldiers to NOT have to be preached at on the battlefield or anywhere outside of an evangelical service. Shame on you for distorting this story and the actual role of a Chaplain.

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