Former NYPD Cop Shoots Wife 10 Times In Front of Their Children ‘for Having an Affair’

Canty killed wife Jessica Mera because he thought she was having an affair
Canty killed wife Jessica Mera because he thought she was having an affair

A former New York City transit cop who shot and killed his wife in front of their two young children in their home Saturday morning told police it was her infidelity to drove him to murder.

Kevin Canty, 43, broke down and confessed just moment after shooting wife Jessice Mera 10 times with a 9-mm pistol. said prosecutors at his arraignment Sunday in Queens Criminal Court.

‘I’m sorry,’ Canty is said to have told the detective driving him from the crime scene.

‘I love my wife,’ he said. ‘She was cheating on me.’

He went on to call Mera a ‘whore.’

‘I know I’m going to jail,’ he reportedly told the detective, as quoted in the New York Daily News.

He was taken into custody only a mile from his Queens home.

The couple’s two young children, a girl aged four and a boy aged eight, were home as he fired into Mera’s stomach, upper chest, breast, arm, and armpit.

According to CBS, a neighbor shopping at a nearby deli saw the two children run from the house, yelling, ‘Daddy shot Mommy!’

‘They came in screaming, crying saying their dad just shot their mom and there’s blood all over, please help,’ local Heidi Gamble said.

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SOURCE: MailOnline

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