Pray for This Christian Football Coach Who Has Been Attacked by a Mad Atheist

Dabo Swinney (center) is the head coach of the Clemson Tigers' football team. (Facebook)
Dabo Swinney (center) is the head coach of the Clemson Tigers’ football team. (Facebook)

Angry atheists are at it again.

This week, they’re taking on Dabo Swinney, head coach of the Clemson Tigers. His alleged unlawful conduct? Expressing his Christian faith and allegedly making a number of voluntary religious activities available to his players—the adult student-athletes at Clemson.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent Clemson University a “letter of complaint” detailing Swinney’s alleged constitutional violations, including such atrocities as the team’s volunteer chaplain writing Bible verses on a whiteboard and the team making available bus transportation to players who wish to attend church.

In a reasonable constitutional world, this complaint would be ignored by the media and discarded by the university. After all, there’s no evidence that Clemson or Coach Swinney did anything other than expose players to the coach’s religious point of view, a point of view he’s constitutionally entitled to hold and express.

Players were not compelled to attend church or Bible study, and the university is not paying the volunteer chaplain. So, how could any of these actions “establish” a religion within the meaning of the Establishment Clause?

We do not, however, live in a reasonable constitutional world. Because of a quirk in the law, atheists have the power to go to federal court simply because a public acknowledgment of religion offends them. Their mere offense can often give them “standing” to file a federal lawsuit.

Thus, an atheist’s temper tantrum has real-world power.

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Source: Charisma News | JAY SEKULOW

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