New Film, ‘The Million Man March – The Untold Story’

New Film, 'The Million Man March – The Untold Story'

Vanguard Television and the Washington, D.C. Ministry of Arts and Culture are proud to debut an exciting new film, “The Million Man March – The Untold Story.”

The documentary, directed by independent filmmaker and Howard University graduate Angela R. Muhammad (pictured), addresses numerous questions, controversies and misconceptions about the Million Man March of 1995 in Washington, D.C., while offering a behind the scenes look at what actually occurred before and after the March.

Many stories have been told about the Million Man March, attended by more than two million men from all over the world. But what is the untold story? Witness as we hear from the man through whom the March was called, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The documentary answers questions like, what inspired the call and what caused 2 million black men to respond? What role did religion play? Why only men? What happened to the money? Why a journey to the Middle East and Africa after the March? Should a follow-up March be held? Finally, the answers to these and other questions are revealed in this documentary.

The Million Man March – The Untold Story also features Chuck D (Public Enemy), Rev. Willie Wilson (Pastor of Union Temple Baptist Church), Marion Barry (former Washington, D.C. mayor), the late Dr. Dorothy Height (former president of the National Council of Negro Women) Ice T (Hip Hop Artist, Law and Order SVU) and many others.

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Source: EURWeb

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